About Us

Bobby Brower is an Alaska Native (Inupiaq) fashion artist, and furrier, and was born and raised in Utqiagvik, Alaska which is the northern most town in the United States.

She is the designer and owner of Arctic Luxe. Arctic Luxe is a brand that promotes and sells luxurious handmade indigenous clothing and accessories. As well as manufactured indigenous designed clothing. 

Bobby was introduced to traditional skin sewing at the age of 13. When she took Inupiaq language class in middle school. There she made her first pair of mittens, yoyo’s, and toy owl. As she got older and had her first child, she started skin sewing again. She learned to make traditional clothing from her aunt Annaqaq Brower. With the traditional clothing, she got involved in baby clothing contests. Doing this work, she realized she loved to design and sew clothing.

In 2010, Bobby Itta Designs was established, then in 2021 she rebranded her name to Arctic Luxe. After 6 years of designing, she got involved with indigenous fashion shows. Her first fashion show was in 2016. There she was recognized and more people wanted her in other shows. She also got involved with teaching sewing classes and has traveled in and around Alaska, as well as Canada.