Gray Velveteen Parka with Black Fox Ruff

Gray Velveteen Parka with Black Fox Ruff

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Gray Velveteen Parka with dyed Black Fox ruff. The design of the parka is U-shaped on the bottom, which comes from traditional Alaska Native Inupiaq/Inuit clothing. She wanted to incorporate that into the piece to bring back a more traditional design. The trim work is made of bias tape and is all hand pieced. The parka pattern was hand made and sewn by the artist herself. The pattern is a traditional pattern that her family made and was altered to be more modern to wear every day. This is an Heirloom quality piece and will keep you warm in cold temperatures. 

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*Hat is not included in the sale*

Can made into any size, made to order. This takes 6months-1 year to complete depending on how busy the artist is.