Green Velveteen Parka with Crystal Fox Ruff and Trim

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Green Velveteen heirloom quality parka. This parka was constructed all by hand by the artist. The trim on the waist belt is all pieced by hand as well. It is a traditional trim work that is made and designed by families in Alaska. The signature style was designed by Bobby herself. This style parka is the newest style that Bobby has designed. The fox ruff is Crystal Fox and is hand sewn together, along with the fox trim on the bottom. The lining is 8oz quilted satin lining that will keep you warm in the coldest temperatures. Growing up in the arctic families teach their family members to sew to keep warm in extreme temperatures. Traditional knowledge of skin sewing and making was used to create this beautiful piece. PC: Getty Images

 Cannot ship out of the United States. 

Parka is made to order, it can be made in different colors on request and any size as well:) Orders take 6months-1 year to complete depending on artists work load.